Exquisite Care Packages

Empowering Bullying Victims

We want to help empower students and kids being bullied, by showering them with a gift from us to them. The Exquisite Care Package is a box of gifts, resources, uplifting items that can be requested for a student that is be being bullied. Every box is customized to that student, and we fill each with the same amount of love and sunshine. These boxes are designed to empower these students to take control of their circumstances, while rebuilding their own self esteem and self confidence.

We customize each care package and mail it directly to them as an exciting surprise to receive. We understand the impact that bullying can have on a child's mental health and self esteem. It is our intention to help them being to rebuild themselves and their self esteem to become stronger students and citizens.

All boxes are sent anonymously, but can indicate who they are from if requested.

Donate Items for Packages

We welcome and appreciate any individual or organization that would like to donate items to include in our care packages. Any monetary donations can be made via our home page.

Here are some of the common items we ask for:

Donation List:

  • Stress Balls

  • Small Mirrors

  • Bounce Balls

  • Journals

  • Old Magazines for Vision Boards

  • Plastic Beach Balls

  • Superhero Capes

  • Positive Letters for them to read

  • Small Scrapbooks

  • Hair Combs & Brushes

  • Cardboard Boxes

  • Colored Paper

  • Paint, Markers & Colored Pencils